2021 - NaNoWriMo

As I stated earlier, my life is too chaotic currently to focus on writing a novel in November. I started a new job recently, I am teaching a course this semester, and I am helping one of my daughters prepare her new house so she can move in. Even with all that, I am trying to use #NaNoWriMo2021 as a challenge to myself to devote some time to my writing.

  • I am reading similar books to mine that I picked up for market research.
  • I am reading other books to research more into the theme and background of the book I am working on.
  • I plan to have an outline of my book completed by end of the month.
  • I am hoping to spend 15 minutes here and there writing up short stories based on the book I am working on.

What are your goals this #NaNoWriMo? Can you share about your project?

Where do you spend your time writing? A home office? Laptop on the couch or kitchen table? Favorite coffee shop? Library? Tablet? Cell phone? Typewriter? Handwritten notepads?

My home office. Trust me. It does NOT look this clean now.
My #NaNoWriMo2021 goals

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