“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”


Sorry to have missed a blog post last week. We need to chat. I think it is time for a change.

I started this blog out almost ten years ago, posting three times a week. I was all excited about my freelance work in the tabletop game industry and overflowing with ideas to write about. Then a little while back I transitioned to once a week as I moved out of freelancing and more into personal blogs and talking about my creative writing. Then, I began a new job at SIL which has required increasing amounts of writing for my work. Along the way, Angie’s Multiple Sclerosis has progressed and my caregiving increased dramatically. We recently had a hospitalization to add to the challenges. With all of that change, I have been struggling to keep up even that pace and fighting to keep this blog active. Why am I fighting for this one voice among the many I have now?

Going forward, I am going to post on this blog once or twice a month. I will continue to post things about my personal projects, my caregiving, and my hobbies. If you want to hear more from `me,’ you can hear my voice in other locations. Knightlife is our monthly newsletter about my work with Language Technology at SIL International. I am hoping to get a monthly newsletter going soon at SIL about the technical side of the work my teams do. When this happens, I will share here how you can follow that work. You can also follow me on Twitter or Bluesky for random social posts.

So, I am not going away. I am just changing when and where I focus my writing energies. I hope to see you here and at some of my other writings.

Time for a change

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