2022 - Canning

Do you have hobbies that many would consider work but you find relaxing? Do you enjoy candy making, canning, gardening, woodworking, or other hobbies that take some work?

I love to garden and be in the kitchen. I work remotely, so I spend much of my day looking at screens. Thus, many of my hobbies after work involve working with my hands and doing physical things. Canning is one of those things where I find great joy in the hard work. I have been canning for almost ten years now. This year I canned dill pickles, peaches, and seven flavors of jam (rhubarb, raspberry, peach, strawberry, sour cherry, blueberry, and blackberry). Any suggestions for what I might try next to grow in my garden then can?

Cooking is one of the strongest ceremonies for life. When recipes are put together, the kitchen is a chemical laboratory involving air, fire, water and the earth.

Laura Esquivel
Shelves of canned goods I made in 2022.

A huge benefit of all this canning is I get to share my garden and my cooking with friends and family. My wife and daughters love fresh jam on homemade bread and biscuits. I gift my extended family with fresh canned goods, and they have come to look forward to those treats each year. I also share jams with guests to our house and with my coworkers when I get to see them in person. Gardening and canning allow me to express my friendship and love through sharing.

Tell me about your hobbies and how you enjoy sharing them with others.

Side Project: Canning

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