As we spring into gardening this year, we added a new accessible option late in the fall to use this spring, a greenhouse. We found it on sale at the end of the season and decided to try our hand at some seedling planting and growing some items in the greenhouse all season, hopefully to extend the season further into the fall.

Greenhouse in Knight Garden

The greenhouse fits right in the corner of our garden. providing Angie wheelchair access to one side of it and me access to the other side.

Angie Knight in front of our new accessible greenhouse.

We chose this greenhouse because of its height and side opening. This allowed her to access it with her wheelchair; while most small greenhouses are too narrow inside to allow this.

For this year, I am trying to grow seedlings in my side. I started late because of the really cold early spring. Next year, I am thinking of adding a small electric heater so we can use this sooner; as the seedlings could have been useful earlier;. On Angie’s side, she just planted lettuce and spinach. We hope to be able to have multiple crops and continue growing later into the fall.

Do you have a greenhouse or perhaps an indoor growing set up for seedlings? What has worked for you? Any suggestions for us?

Accessible Greenhouse Year One

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