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Once again this year, my wife and I decided it best to skip Gen Con to protect her health. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a threat and being in a crowd of over 50,000 people from around the world did not seem the safest option for us. I experienced so much FOMO while watching many of my friends and game industry people posting about their Gen Con 2022 experiences. I love Gen Con for the experience and seeing friends from all over the world I only get to see once a year.

So, to have my own little celebration this year I followed the example of one my my former college roommates who did his own online and local shopping and gaming experiences as a GenCant. My in-laws gifted me with a caregiver respite day, a day where I can set aside my duties as a caregiver for a day knowing my wife is safe and taken care of so I can clear my mind and have a break. So thankful to them for this give. I used the day as a pandemic safe, Gen Con replacement, geek day traveling around a nearby town with a friend.

My friend and I had a blast going to the Book Center to be overwhelmed by all the used books and comics, having a great lunch at the Elm Street Brewing Co which was a new place for both of us, enjoying more comics at Ah Yeah Comics, perusing the ttrpgs and board games at Wizards Keep, gift shopping at Hobby Lobby, seeing a movie in a theater for the first time in three years (Top Gun: Maverick which has been in theaters for a while and had less than 10 people in the theater), experiencing the insanity of Ollie’s Good Stuff Cheap for the fist time to purchase board games at crazy discounted prices, and ending the day with an outside dinner at Panda Express before heading for home.

Next year, Angie and I are considering attending Origins Game Fair rather than Gen Con. Origins is a much smaller event (though still around 20,000 attendees) and has large space. Our daughter attended this year and really enjoyed it. Friends of ours have been recommending we consider it as being more wheelchair accessible for Angie. It also occurs in June which is a better time of the year for us based on work schedules for our family.

Do you attend Gen Con, Origins, or other major geeky convention each year? Why do you like it?

My GenCan’t day haul for those interested. Maybe not as exciting as a Gen Con haul but still some fun items that were definitely much cheaper than my normal Gen Con purchases.

Books 1 to 7 of the Apprentice Adept Series by Pier's Anthony
I read the first three of the Adept Series by Piers Anthony in high school and remember enjoying them so when I saw the seven book series at the Book Center I decided it would be fun to read these again and check out the later books in the series.
Comic books including The Last Ronin, The Oracle Code, Marvel 1602, JLA, Dr. Fate.
A mix of new and used comics from the Book Center and from Ah Yeah Comics. I am a huge fan of Dr. Fate and had not read this limited series which is a transition between who carries the title of Dr. Fate. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been fun to read and watch (and play the ttrpg) so when I heard about the Last Ronin series I put it on order as a TPB. Marvel 1602 is a unique take on the origins of the Marvel heroes by Neil Gaiman.
Board Games including Xenoshyft Dreadmire, Sonar, and Wreckage.
Love finding incredible deals on board games and Wizards Keep and Ollie’s came through. This was my first time at Ollie’s and I was shocked at the great collection of hobby board games at bargain prices. I got all three of these games for less than the price of one of them in retail.
Elm Street Brewing Co lunch of Mama Mia Burger and fries.
The Mama Mia Burger at Elm Street Brewery was wonderful. Bacon at that perfect crispiness in every bite!
Top Gun: Maverick poster and Reese's Pieces.
I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in almost three years and REALLY wanted to see the new Top Gun. Amazingly, it is still showing in theaters and I could safely go in with less than 10 people in the larger theater all spread apart. This movie did NOT disappoint. The music over the open credits took me back to the original movie and I was hooked from there until the end. I laughed, I cried, and I was on the edge of my seat. Loved it as much as the original, even more in some ways. And it isn’t a movie in a theater without Reese’s Pieces.
My #GenCant2022

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2 thoughts on “My #GenCant2022

  1. I attend Origins every year in addition to Gencon, and I love it. It’s no Gencon, but it’s a big enough convention that draws players from across the country and wide range of exhibitors. And it just feels fun to play games there (just less intense than Gencon). The Exhibit Hall is good (this year still obviously feeling the effects of the pandemic, but pretty good) and this year I was able to try out and buy Ark Nova, Watergate and Reality Shift. Over the years I’ve been able to talk to designers and authors: Sandy Peterson, Julie Ahern (who memorably demoed a game for my then-13-year-old son), Stephen Bouonocore, Uwe Eickert (who gave my son soccer tips), the Steamforged principals (more soccer tips) and a bunch of Chaosium guys. I once saw Eric Lang (I’m not worthy).

    I have no experience with accessibility concerns, but I think your friends are correct. The Columbus Convention Center has a simpler layout than the Indianapolis and smaller crowds make the main concourse easier to move through.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that my best memories of gaming are mostly from Origins, thanks to just the sheer wonderfulness of the attendees my son and I have met and gamed with.

    I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about Origins.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Origins. We are looking forward to our first visit to Origins in 2023. If you have recommendations for where to eat while at Origins, let us know.

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