2021 - Home Office

Remember a month ago I mentioned I had taken a new position with SIL International that would have me working from home? No? Well, you can go back and read about that if you like. That meant packing up my office at Taylor, hauling over twenty years of stuff home and sorting through it, and reworking my desk area at home as my new home office. To be honest, I have needed to rethink my work area at home for a while. It started out just as an area for my desktop computer for internet, grading, and gaming. Then I had to rework it for my freelance editing work, then the pandemic happened and I had to make it work as a work-from-home space for a while. After all of that, it had become very cluttered. Then after moving all the items home from my office, it was nearly overwhelming and unusable.

So, I took a long look at the space, ordered some items to help with organization, then started the cleaning and culling of all the piles, drawers, desktop, boxes, and bins. What you see now is after a month of work here and there as I had time and a HUGE push last weekend after my new bookcase arrived. The bookcase was built by a friend from church, and it really helped in the organizing and reworking of my home office, also setting a new aesthetic for it.

The reworked space FEELS right to me. It has that mix of work and whimsy that I enjoy in my office. I already feel much more productive in the space with my SIL work and Taylor coursework, and I look forward to other personal writing and editing work here as well in the future.

These photos show you my new home and where I work each day. If you want to know more about anything about my reworked home office, just ask.

Do you have a home office? If so, how do you have it set up?

Side Project: Reworked Home Office

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