Labor Day weekend in Upland, Indiana means town-wide rummage, garage, and yard sales. So many people, cars, bicycles, golf carts, motorcycles, trucks with trailers, vans, and quadrunners all trying to maneuver around the small town streets and crowds of people. People come from all over the region to seek out and barter for the best deals. The weather was wonderful this year, so off we went seeking out bargains. My daughter found some furniture and decorations for her future house, my wife and I met our new neighbors and purchased some lovely snacks from the stand her daughter was running, and we found books! I love finding books at a bargain rate prices. Plus, a new bulk bookstore has opened up in Upland and was having an amazing sale, buy 10 books for a dollar each and get 10 books free. 20 books for $10?!?! I would have stayed hours longer if I hadn’t had other places to go. I will MOST DEFINITELY be there again for the next monthly sale.

Emily found quite a few books, we purchased some books for friends, and I found some fun books to read and pass along, a with some additional amazing books on the cheap to add to my library permanently.

Pile of books

Any of these books stand out to you? Do you love book hunting in garage sales, used bookstores, and other places?

On My Shelf: Labor Day Weekend Book Finds

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