2021 First Nest for Emily

Back in July, I mentioned we were at the beginning of becoming empty nesters. Well, the next step has officially begun. Our daughter, Emily, is now the proud owner of her first home. She worked hard to stay out of debt through college and to build up her savings and credit rating. This spring, she and I started down that scary path of house hunting in a crazy seller’s market. So many houses that didn’t match up to Emily’s desires nor her dad’s standards. This cozy little house showed up on the market back in August. At first we didn’t succeed with purchasing it, but apparently God had his own timing and the sellers came back to Emily and began negotiating. After weeks of negotiations and some inspection-identified repairs, Emily now has the keys to her first home. She will be flying from our nest in the next month or so to begin her own.

We are so happy for Emily and proud of the work she has done to get to this point in her life. We have a lot of work ahead of us to prepare the house to be a home for her before she can move in, but that will be a labor of love. Angie and I are happy to see Emily so excited about this new house and seeking her own life, but we are also sad to see her move away from home. Our goal as parents has been to prepare them for life on their own, but now that the time is almost here, it is rather emotional. How have some of you worked through this stage in parenting, seeing your children grow into young adults moving out on their own?

Empty Nest – A new nest for Emily

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