2020 - House Hunting

My daughter, Emily, has accepted a teaching position at Southern Wells Community Schools, so we have been considering housing options. She could live at home for a short while, as the commute would not be too long, rent an apartment, as we have found an option that could work well, or she could purchase a home, as interest rates are very low and she is blessed to be graduating with no student loans from college and has a great credit rating. She passionately wants a place to call her own for pets, gardening, hosting friends, and to live life as she wishes. A great goal to have. Being the dad, I have been helping with the house hunting to see if this could be an option for my amazing daughter.

Well, if you know anything about what is happening in the housing market in the US, you know it is crazy right now. Buyers are so desperate after the pandemic for change that they are often getting into bidding wars and offering tens of thousands of dollars over asking price. This has encouraged people to sell homes that perhaps have some challenges in hopes the desperate buyers will purchase them anyway. So this has lead to an interesting conundrum.

Is this a list of murder mysteries or recent experiences while house hunting?

  • The Murder Basement Mysteries
  • Spray Foam Felonies
  • The Crematorium Conundrum
  • Riddle of the Green Screen Attic
  • The Headlights Whodunit
  • Between Firearms and Freemasons
  • The Soggy Cellar Secrecy
  • Tractor-Trailer Terrors

We continue on our quest to find a wonderful starter home for Emily while at the same time having lots of laughs as we research the house listings and visit the promising options. And who knows, perhaps we will co-write some cozy mysteries when this is all over. We have some working titles already.

House Hunting or Murder Mysteries?

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