2021 - 22nd Birthday

Next week is my twin daughters’ second palindromic birthday. We “celebrated” their 21st birthday during early stress and fears of the pandemic. Now that the pandemic is subsiding, we can have family and friends over to truly celebrate this birthday. And there is much to celebrate. Since their last birthday Emily and Rachel have graduated college, Rachel got engaged and accepted to Indiana University’s Luddy School for Informatics to work on a Masters of Library Science, and Emily accepted a teaching position at Southern Wells Community Schools and is enjoying looking at houses and apartments. They have moved home for one last summer before heading off for new adventures in life.

Rachel and Emily in front of a 2021 balloon.

Emily and Rachel, you are preparing to step out into the world and I am so proud of you. I love you both so much! Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Second Palindromic Birthday To My Twin Daughters

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2 thoughts on “Happy Second Palindromic Birthday To My Twin Daughters

  1. Happy Birthday to Emily and Rachel! Those cute, lively little girls I met have obviously grown up to be fine young women! I wish them well!

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