Empty Nest

As we move in the Thanksgiving holiday, this quote really resonates with Angie and me.

However painful the process of leaving home, for parents and for children, the really frightening thing for both would be the prospect of the child never leaving home.

Habits of the Heart by Robert Neelly Bellah

I know this quote may not sound thankful, but it is to us. We love our daughters and really enjoy spending time with them, but we are also so proud to watch them grow up and leave home. Back in July, we discussed the beginnings of our daughters transitioning from home to their new lives. Soon after that, our daughter Rachel moved off to graduate school. This past weekend, we moved Emily into her new house. We are now alone in our home. Next focus is planning for a wedding for Rachel! We have a very quiet home at the moment. Do I miss my daughters and look forward to them coming home again to visit? Yes…I…do! I so love this meme I saw posted on Facebook recently.

One day, when my children are grown, I hope they still come through that front door without knocking. I hope they head to the kitchen for a snack and rifle through the mail looking for a magazine they always read. I hope they come in and feel the weight of adulthood leave them, for they are home. For my children, my door will forever be open. Above all else. I hope they know this without me telling them. Love speaks clearly enough.


Our daughters are out there seeking their own lives now. We had the joy and pleasure of being their parents and helping them grow up to be the amazing young women they are today. We would be sad if they didn’t take these first flights. Perhaps someday they will come home again for a while because of life circumstances, but we are thankful now they are stretching their wings and trying out life on their own. We love watching them enjoy their new lives and face challenges on their own, and we will be here when they want or need to come home. This is a time of transition for both of us to get used to.

How about you other parents who have children who are making that transition away from home? How are you handling it?

Empty Nest – Feeling Thankful

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