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But where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet, and good tilled earth. For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow. And yes, no doubt, to others our ways seem quaint.

Bilbo voiceover in The Fellowship of the Ring movie

I find some of my greatest joy and deepest peace in life is when I am in the Knight garden, building new garden beds, digging in the soil, planting or harvesting, or just enjoying the moment amongst the plants, bees, birds, worms, toads, and other garden friends. The smell of the recent turned earth, the rustle of the leaves in the breeze, the fascinating patience to watch seed to plant to harvest, all warm my heart and quiet by soul.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time or spent with me over the years, you know of my passion for Tolkien and Middle-earth. I think the more I read Tolkien’s books and watch the movies, the more I realize the truth. Except for the smoking a pipe and detesting French cooking, I am in full agreement with J.R.R. Tolkien, I am in fact a Hobbit (in all but size).

I am in fact a Hobbit (in all but size). I like gardens, trees, and unmechanized farmlands; I smoke a pipe, and like good plain food (unrefrigerated), but detest French cooking; I like, and even dare to wear in these dull days, ornamental waistcoats.

The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien

Do you love gardening? Honestly, I wasn’t into gardening when I was younger or even in my early adult years. My wife started our initial gardens and I begrudgingly assisted. But over the years, that requested labor turned into a labor of love. And as I get older, I cherish more and more my time in the garden as I understand its science, relish its beauty, and enjoy the harvest. Then that love of gardening moved beyond a hobby into lifestyle and my journey toward Hobbit-ness grew, as did my waistline as well with all this wonderful food.

Tolkien found gardening so important and iconic, it was the greatest gift from Galadriel to Sam. This scene is more powerful to me today then it was when my younger self originally read these words. Much more profound today.

For you little gardener and lover of trees, I have only a small gift. Here is set G for Galadriel, but it may stand for garden in your tongue. In this box there is earth from my orchard, and such blessing as Galadriel has still to bestow is upon it. It will not keep you on your road, nor defend you against any peril; but if you keep it and see your home again at last, then perhaps it may reward you. Though you should find all barren and laid waste, there will be few gardens in Middle-earth that will bloom like your garden, if you sprinkle this earth there. Then you may remember Galadriel, and catch a glimpse far off of Lórien, that you have seen only in our winter. For our spring and our summer are gone by, and they will never be seen on earth again save in memory.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Do you have a passion for gardening? Are you a Hobbit at heart? Or perhaps, there is another character of literature that your heart truly embodies?

Spring gardening reveals I am in fact a Hobbit

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