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I have never been a serious comic book collector, but I have picked up random issues here and there over the decades. When I was a kid, I used to take my allowance with me to the local Hooks Drugstore and peruse the comics on the rotating rack. In high school and college, my friends and I would stop by a local used bookstore every few weeks to pick up fantasy and science fiction novels, rpgs, and random comic books or short series. Since college, I will still pick up boxes of used comics at garage sales or the random issue that catches my eye for cheap at a garage sale. Friends have even gifted me comic books they know I would enjoy, and done so at times I really needed an emotional boost. I have also purchased some limited series new comic books that had storylines that really intrigued me, recently the Darkhawk comic books pulled me back into comics again with their main character having Multiple Sclerosis. Most of the comics I acquired over the years have passed along to other people or donated them back to used bookstores, but the ones I really enjoyed I have kept in a long storage box, currently under my desk.

Reading the Darkhawk comics and watching the recent Marvel and DC superhero movies and TV shows got me interested in my older comics again. I was curious to see what comic books I owned were the influence for these shows and was surprised at how many I had. It is quite fascinating to read these classic comics and see how the modern cinema has interpreted them. Enjoy some random observations I made while reading through these classic comics.

Covers of Comic Books

My wife and I recently watched The Falcon & The Winter Soldier and the Hawkeye series on Disney+, so finding I had some of the solo series comics was fun to read. It helped me understand more those characters and where the fit into the Marvel Universe.

I tried watching Peacemaker on HBO Max but couldn’t get into it, but I do enjoy the comic book I have. The character in the comics is SO different and more serious than how the show is portraying him.

The new The Batman movie coming out looks so dark and broody, but not in a way I think I will like as much as the Batman Year 1 series. I actually prefer more the 1960s Batman and Robin TV show and the Batman Detective Comics than any of the movies that have been released. I do like Batman: The Animated Series and how Batman is shown in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated shows.

The Eternals movie was so different than the comics, but I think that is expected when I am reading comics from the 1970s compared to modern storytelling and movies. Look how different the visuals are alone. But I have to say, I love the classic comic art style of Jack Kirby so much!

I had forgotten I have issues #1 in two different Moon Knight series so these were wonderful to read in preparation for the Disney+ Moon Knight series coming soon. Based on the trailers, it feels like they are merging the two origin stories into one concept and going even deeper into his psyche. It is going to be dark, and I’m and not sure how much I will enjoy the series compared to the older comics.

I pulled out The Justice Society comic, as they are being introduced in the upcoming Black Adam movie. As a huge JSA fan, they are my favorite team in comic books, and Doctor Fate is one of my topic comic book heroes. Also helps that they are having Pierce Brosnan play him in the upcoming Black Adam movie, which has me very excited. Black Adam has the Rock in it, it is a DC movie, and it is in the same world as Shazam!, so I am not sure what to expect from this movie, but I look forward to seeing Justice Society members on the big screen!

Do you read comics? If so, what have been your thoughts seeing comic book characters and stories recreated for TV and movies? Have they done justice to some of your favorite characters?

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