As Gen Con 2015 quickly approaches, many bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers are posting their top lists of games they are looking forward to at Gen Con. As I am not a reviewer, I thought it would be more interesting and applicable to post what games I have worked on that will be available at Gen Con this year. I have been blessed to work on some incredible projects these past few years, and most are available for purchase at Gen Con this year. As you look at games this year, pause for a moment and think of everyone involved in creating these wonderful games we get to play. As a freelancer in the industry, I have so much appreciation for all that goes into producing and publishing these games. If you have a spare moment during the convention, flip open the RPG or game manual you have purchased recently to the credits pages and appreciate the names listed there.

Please, stop by these booths and check out the great games that I helped produce:

  • Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius (Modiphius – Booth 2530) – Including Fate Guide to the Secret War, Guide to the Eastern Front, Guide to North Africa, Guide to the Pacific, Interface 19.40, Terrors of the Secret War, Zero Point – Heroes of the Sea, Zero Point – Three Kings
  • Heavy Steam by GreenBrier Games (GreenBrier Games – Booth 2437)
  • Interface Zero 2.0 by Gun Metal Games (Studio 2 – Booths 2016 & 2017)
  • Mindjammer by Mindjammer Press and Modiphius (Modiphius – Booth 2530)
  • Mutant: Year Zero by Free League Publishing and Modiphius (Modiphius – Booth 2530)
  • Pulp Fantastic by Battlefield Press (Studio 2 – Booths 2016 & 2017)
  • Thunderbirds (Demo Only) by Matt Leacock and Modiphius – (Modiphius – Booth 2530)

As I reflect back on this list, I was honored and blessed to work with a group of amazing publishers, writers, editors and graphic artists. There are even more projects in process or in the the queue that I am really enjoying working on, and I think you will be very interested in when they become available for purchase.

For those readers who are curious what games interest me and my family, here is our “To Check Out At Gen Con” list. First thing, we will be checking out is the CoolStuffInc booths to see if we can find any incredible deals on scratch and dent games. Then, when we are not working the booth, attending sessions, or gaming, we will be wandering the Exhibit Hall, checking out and demoing these games. Wonder what games will make it home with us this year?

  • 5 Year Mission by Mayfair Games
  • Council of Verona 2nd Edition by Crash Games
  • Dragon Farkle by Z-Man Games
  • Fairy Tale Gloom by Atlas Games
  • Feng Shui 2 by Atlas Games
  • Just Desserts by Looney Labs
  • Martial Arts: The Card Game by GreenBrier Games
  • Mysterium by Asmodee
  • Nefarious: Mad Scientists by USApoly
  • Ninja Camp by Action Phase Games
  • Ninth Doctor Sourcebook by Cubicle 7
  • Takenoko: Chibis by Bombyx/Matagot
  • Tides of Time by Portal Games
  • Wrath of Dragons by Catalyst Game Labs

So excited Gen Con 2015 is finally here! Perhaps we will see each other face to face. Please, come up and say hello if you see us wandering the halls or downtown Indy. My family and I would love to chat with you.

My Games And Interests At Gen Con 2015

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