Gen Con 2015 was an amazing whirlwind of activities and had far-reaching impacts on my freelancing career. This year I felt so much more involved in the Gen Con and gaming community. I got to meet and spend quality time with some of my favorite game professionals and podcast personalities. I even got to meet face-to-face for the first time with quite a few individuals I have done freelancing for but only talked over email or the phone previously. Too many people to mention here, but thanks to all of you. Two games I worked on won silver ENnies, and I was honored to be on stage accepting the awards on behalf of the team. I had numerous very significant meetings regarding freelance opportunities, which will have to wait to be revealed over the coming months as the discussions continue and the projects are finalized. Lets just say I might be working on some very popular projects soon.  Here is a photo essay overview of my experiences at Gen Con. While you peruse these photos, I am going to get back to doing laundry, unpacking, and putting things away. Enjoy!

Van loaded and ready to head to Gen Con 2015. Lots of luggage and miscellaneous equipment for the Modiphius booth. Van loaded. Daughters and I ready to head out for Gen Con 2015. Gen Con was early enough this year so it did not conflict with the start of school so my daughters got to attend the full week and experience what it is like to work an Exhibit Hall booth, including setup and tear down. I put my daughters right to work helping me set up the Modiphius booth on Tuesday. Ok, I did some work on the Modiphius booth as well. I didn’t make my daughters do it all. The Modiphius Booth ready for the Exhibit Hall to open on Thursday. After setting up the Modiphius booth on Tuesday, I was nearly eaten by a dragon in the halls of the convention center. Chris Birch, owner of Modiphius, has been such a great friend, mentor, and publisher. I have learned so much from him and it was a pleasure to help him manage the Modiphius booth for Gen Con 2015. Lovely to spend time with our friends Lynne and Richard Hardy in the Modiphius booth. Lynne has been my mentor as a proofreader and editor on the Achtung! Cthulhu game line. I am looking forward to a potential new project she and I could be working on. More to say on that later. What could go wrong letting your daughters build giant foam weapons at Gen Con? Friday night I cheered for Marty Connell (Rolling Dice & Taking Name) and Rodney Smith (Watch It Played) at the Neuroshima Grudge Match. Of course they won! It was fun to meet Eric Summerer and Zee Garcia of the Dice Tower. Friday evening we attended the ENnies. Mutant: Year Zero won a silver ENnie for Best Rules. I was honored to stand up with Chris and Lynne to accept the award. Achtung! Cthulhu Terrors of the Secret War won silver ENnies that night, as well, for Best Monster/Adversary and Best Cover Art Always a special time attending the Sunday Morning Worship with my family I really found this to be a special moment at the worship service. Brothers in Christ – Derek White (The Geek Preacher) and Mike Perna (InnRoads Ministries) The Geek Preacher giving a sermon entitled “Here There Be Dragons” focusing on Ephesians 6:10 to 20. Sunday after the Exhibit Hall closes, we began tearing down and packing the Modiphius Booth. Took us about three hours. Gen Con 2015 completed. Van packed and ready for home. So, whose ready for Gen Con 2016! I am!! The obligatory photo of my Gen Con 2015 haul. Quite a few of these I acquired in trade with other Exhibitors (perk of working a booth in the Gen Con Exhibit Hall). Notice the shiny silver medal in the middle? Chris Birch surprised me on Sunday by presenting that 2015 ENnie silver medal to me for my work on Achtung! Cthulhu and Mutant: Year Zero. I was almost in tears. Receiving that medal challenges me even more to be the best freelancer I can for all the publishers I work with. I will display it above my desk in my home office as a reminder of all the hard but fun work, deep friendships, and many blessings I have as a freelancer in the game industry.
My Gen Con 2015

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