Gen Con is upon us! Such a wonderful convention, and I hope to see many of you there. This year I am managing the Modiphius booth (#2530), so you will see me around the booth quite a bit, even when not officially scheduled to work. I fill in for volunteers unable to make it and manage any issues that arise in the booth. You will also find me meeting with other publishers and designers at their booths, discussing freelance opportunities. If you are a publisher or designer and would like to meet, please contact me and I will schedule a time with you.

Modiphius Booth – Gen Con 2015 – 2530

The big blessing this year is that my twin daughters will be with me the entire week. I am really looking forward to sharing the entire convention with them. In the past, they came down for Family Fun day on Sunday, which was great, but they were missing out on the full experience of Gen Con from dawn through the late night hours. This year they get to experience it all from setting up a booth, working a booth, workshops, crafting, shopping, gaming, lots of food, hanging out with friends, meeting new friends, the amazing night life, and the final closing hours including tear down of a booth. My wife will wonderfully be joining us on Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day (she and I discussed how to balance the freelancing and caregiving, with me managing a booth this year.

If you are looking to find me at Gen Con this year, here is my schedule, or you can contact me to set up a meeting time.

– Setting up Modiphius Booth (2530)

– Setting up Modiphius Booth (2530)
– The Diana Jones Award Party

– Modiphius Booth – 9 am to Noon
– Freelancing 201 Panel: Advanced Topics – 6 to 7 pm
– A Look Through The Portal – 7 to 8 pm

– Modiphius Booth – 9 am to Noon
– The ENnies

– Modiphius Booth – 9 am to Noon
– Costume Contest

– Christian Worship Service
– Modiphius Booth – 3 pm through booth tear down

Other than those definite work hours and scheduled events, my daughters and I will be attending quite a few game demos, workshops, seminars and meeting friends coming in for the convention. We would love to meet some of you for lunch or dinner. Just let us know when you are available.

See you at Gen Con!

My Gen Con 2015 Schedule

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