2020 - Accessibility and COVID-19

COVID-19 is not being discussed in the news as much recently and many of you are able to relax your guard some, but I wanted to return to a discussion I had earlier regarding Accessibility and COVID-19. Most states and countries that required some form of isolation or social distancing are starting to open back up in phases. Indiana, where I live, has a Back On Track process in place. For many of you, that is wonderful news. From those of us who have health risks, us specifically from immunosuppression, this time is becoming extra challenging.

My wife has Multiple Sclerosis. With it and medications she is on, she is immunosuppresed, which means she is at greater risk for illnesses. And without any available vaccine at this time for COVID-19, we have to be extra careful. While many of you are starting to find more freedoms to shop, eat out, and spend time with each other, we are having to work even harder to remain socially distant and self isolated. With more of you going places, more of you in stores, more of you eating out, then there are fewer places people at health risk, like us, can go. Personally, my wife and I expect to have to remain in some form of social distancing, mask wearing, self-isolation, and lots of changing of clothes and cleaning until sometime early next year. That is when they expect the first vaccines to be available.

I encourage you to reach out to any friends or family you know who have extra challenges during this transition time, especially caregivers. Don’t forget that they are still at risk while you have more freedoms. Continue to offer to assist them even though more areas are opening up, because likely their lives have not opened up yet. Offer to shop for them. Offer to grab their packages. Offer to run some errands. Offer to order them takeout and have it delivered to their door. Even just calling or messaging to say hello can be such an encouragement during this time of self imposed social distancing and isolation.

Accessibility and COVID-19 (Part 2)

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