2020 - Happy 21st Birthday To My Twin Daughters

“Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter.”

Joseph Addison

On Monday, my daughters celebrate their 21st birthday. With the fears of the pandemic, annoyances of self isolation, and recent social unrest, this does not feel like a very celebratory time. We will be having a more subdued and socially distanced family gathering this weekend to mark the event, with hopes of a larger gathering of friends and family this fall or next year.

As annoying and frustrating as the past few months have been while our family has been isolating, there have been some very special aspects that I will cherish. I have had months of time to get close to my adult daughters again. Rather than being off at college, working, or busy with friends, they have been home and spending time with Angie and me. I have been able to spend time in the kitchen with my daughters cooking and doing dishes. I have gone on walks nearly every day with one or more of my daughters. We have enjoyed watching through multiple TV series and movies together. Emily and Rachel have spent time together playing Animal Crossing and Just Dance while Angie and I ask them about their games. And we have had lots of time to just chat and be together. Even with all the negatives of this pandemic, I will cherish the positive aspect that it has brought my family closer together.

Emily and Rachel, you are wonderful young women who are going to change the world around you. I love you both so much!

Happy 21st Birthday To My Twin Daughters

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