The Writing & Editing for Gaming course has now begun! As part of the course, I have been building a recommended resources for the class that the students can use for their own research and knowledge building. Some of these I am using for an assignment while I am away from the class attending a conference. I thought these videos might interest many of you as well. They give a wonderful overview of the game design and manufacturing processes.

Role-playing Game Story Structure (Narrative Storytelling)

Writing a Rulebook for your Board Game

How It’s Made – Miniature War Figures
Part 1 –
Part 2 –

Made for Play: Board Games & Modern IndustryLudo Fact, Germany

How It’s Made: Board Games at a Chinese Factory

If you have other videos you would recommend I include in the Recommended Resources for the course, please let me know.

Writing & Editing For Gaming Course: Videos on Game Design and Manufacturing

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