The first class of “Writing & Editing for Gaming” was incredible! I was surprised to find multiple students had signed up last minute and I now have twelve students in the class and one student not registered but sitting in when he can. Apparently the students have been talking up the class to their friends. We had a great first class discussing the the course’s genesis and purpose, what each of the students want out of this class, a brief history of roleplaying and modern tabletop games, and I presented a whirlwind visual history of the progress of RPG Books and Board Game Manuals. We had some good laughs, some Ooos and Aaaahs, and fun conversations as these students got to see games created before they were born up to games released just last year. Their favorite was seeing Red Book D&D transition to 5th Ed D&D through its many incarnations. RPG books and game manuals have come a LONG way since the early days of gaming. I can already feel the passion and energy of the students. Can’t wait for next week’s class!

I thought I would give some updates on the course since I originally posted the introduction. I have a great lineup of guest speakers who have graciously agreed to speak with my students on various topics:

Chris Birch (Modiphius Entertainment)
Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games)
Matt Forbeck
Lynne Hardy
Mike Mason (Chaosium)
Suzanne Sheldon
Cat Tobin (Pelgrane Press)
Derek “The Geekpreacher” White

I am still open to hearing advice you would like to offer to the students in my course. I will be sharing that advice throughout the semester.

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging me as I designed this course. I am really looking forward to seeing the Final Projects these students propose and produce throughout the semester. You can follow along as I discuss the course on the blog.

Writing & Editing for Gaming Course: First Class

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