2021 - Wings of Eagles

This week, my wife and I have been enjoying a staycation. Amongst the various home and garden projects, working on some crafts, having our van worked on, baking and cooking, a blood test, and gaming, I learned from my mom about a pair of bald eagles nesting less than an hour away. Angie and I drove down to Summit Lake State Park and spent an hour enjoying the eagles nesting. They are beautiful birds, and the wetlands around them are wonderful.

Bald eagles nesting
Two bald eagles nesting.

Two quotes came to mind while watching the bald eagles.

but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles;

Isaiah 40:31

The Bible mentions eagles 34 times. Technically, it states large birds or raptors in the original languages, but the words are often translated to eagles. That said, this verse has such beautiful imagery and you feel it in your heart when you see these majestic birds on their nest and when they take flight.

Houston, Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed.

Neil Armstrong

As an avid space geek, this quote from the first manned lunar landing brings up so many emotions. Watching these bald eagles on their nest then one of the pair flying off, just brought these words to mind. The celebration of a successful mission to the moon, and the beauty of our national bird really came together in my heart.

Bald eagle on nest.
Sorry this is a bit grainy. I was at maximum digital zoom on my camera.
I know eagles have great vision and it feels like this one is looking right at me as I take this picture.
Enjoy a moment with a nesting bald eagle at Summit Lake State Park in Indiana.

If you would like to watch the bald eagles, there is a country road nearby that has a great view. Go here https://goo.gl/maps/bVSWTxpjvGMj4h3r8, park on the north side of the road, look to the northwest, and you will easily see the nest. All hiking trails in the area are currently closed to protect the eagles while nesting, but the road is open, as it is far enough away to not disturb the eagles.

Wings of Eagles

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