2021 - National Poetry Month

The Rhapsodist - Spring 1993 Cover

April 2021 is the 25th celebration of National Poetry Month. Here is a walk down memory lane with some of my early writing. I penned these poems in college and had them published in The Rhapsodist in the Spring of 1993.

The Minstrel was inspired by three things all bouncing around in my mind at the time. As part of my Physics’ senior seminar, I was studying cosmology and really pondering the origins of our universe which merged with my memories of having recently read the Creation story in The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis and The Singer by Calvin Miller, a gift from my girlfriend at the time (and now wife). These three led to this bardic view of the Creation of the Universe.

The Minstrel

With blank parchment and determined mind,
  I begin my song.
    For I Am, the Minstrel
Using heavenly notes and earthly tones,
  I create a rhythm.
    For I Am, the Minstrel
From the darkness of soundless space,
  I light the soul.
    For I Am, the Minstrel
Dividing the flowing tones between highs and lows,
  I find harmony.
    For I Am, the Minstrel
Through the developing chorus around me,
  I seek life.
    For I Am, the Minstrel
Upon finishing my blessed work,
  I take rest.
    For I Am, the Minstrel
As I sing my song for all who will listen,
  I share my vision.
    For I Am, the Minstrel
And to all who will hear and listen,
  I open my heart,
    For I Am, the Minstrel

Stormfront came from my passion for the outdoors and loving the poetic imagery in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. I love his imagery of misty mountains, roads that go ever on, withered heaths, and more. This was my small attempt at a ambient poem of the world around me, viewed through a more fantastical vision.


Through morning's dawn the clouds do billow,
  And the winds blow through the mighty willow.
From times all past, and times yet come,
  The earth yet rumbles with heaven's drums.
Streaks of power do quickly stream,
  Breaking sky and cloud like waking does dreams.
Then mist befalls and rains come due,
  And all of the creation is washed anew.
Darkness now prevails bringing morning night,
  While on the horizon does shine distant light.
Quickly power flows over all the earth,
  Bringing cleansing to old and new to birth.
Passing overhead are powers of old,
  Yet fire now burns the shadows all told.
As sky feels power my heart feels love's form,
  For the passing of life's rich front of storms.

What do you think of my college age poetry? Should I try my hand at some poetry again after all these decades? Have you ever written any poetry? Would you share it for us all to enjoy?

National Poetry Month 2021

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