While working on a #GameCreditsWW post for Monday, I got to thinking about this blog. What should I do with it going forward? The Monday series Game Credits Who’s Who will be coming to a close soon, after a fascinating six months of getting to know some amazing people in the game industry. As I meet others in the industry, I might post an occasional follow-up to this series, but I feel it has really opened up readers to the many aspects of the game industry, including writers, artists, publishers, cartographers, sculptors, developers, photographers, podcasters, distributors, owners, editors, supporters, videographers, translators, and more.

In December, the blog will be two years old. Interesting to go back and read that first post about why I am a Freelancer. I have learned and experienced so much more about the game industry since those opening words, and I have grown significantly, both personally and professionally. This blog has helped me share my journey as a freelancer, my gaming and hobby interests, my family and my friends, my challenges as a freelancer, and some of my personal struggles. Thanks so much for the comments and personal messages many of you have sent me in response to my various posts. I really do appreciate the feedback and relationships we have been building.

So I am asking you, where do you feel this blog should go next? Is there another series you would be interested to see me pursue for Mondays? What about the game industry or freelancing would you like to learn more about? Are there  topics you would like me to explore on this blog? Are there things about me personally you would like to know more?

Please leave a comment below, use this comment form, or send me an email at (tr “at” freelanceknight.com) with your suggestions or questions for the blog.

What Next?

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