Welcome to an interview for the series Game Credits Who’s Who (#GameCreditsWW). Ever read the credits page of a game you enjoy and wonder about the various positions listed? Would you like to work in the game industry someday but are not sure how some of the positions work? This Monday series will take a personal look into those positions and introduce you to real people doing those very jobs in the game industry. This week, let me introduce you to Rose Bailey, RPG Developer at Onyx Path Publishing.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do as a developer.

I have a few roles with my main client, Onyx Path. I serve as a developer on several lines, including Vampire: The Requiem, Chronicles of Darkness, and my own Cavaliers of Mars. Being a developer means pitching and outlining books, then working with writers to complete manuscripts, tweaking those manuscripts myself to make sure the book flows together, and providing notes to the art director for individual art pieces within the book.

I’m also OP’s development producer, which means I oversee all of the other developers doing this same stuff, as well as managing editing and advocating for overall creative coherence.

How did you become a developer?

I started out as a writer, and then when White Wolf put out an ad for a new Vampire developer, I went after it like whoa.

Share with us some of your recent projects.

Right now, my biggest project is Cavaliers of Mars, a game of swashbuckling adventure on a dying world. It’s Kickstarting in early 2017, and if you’d like to get a taste, we just released the jumpstart booklet.

I’m also still deeply immersed in Vampire: The Requiem and working on its next two supplements, A Thousand Years of Night and Half-Damned. And all of the Chronicles of Darkness projects come to me after the individual book developers are done with them.

What is your greatest frustration or pet peeve as a developer?

Not enough hours in the day! (I think you’ll hear that from a lot of devs.)

How can readers learn more about you or contact you?

I have a blog, Fantasy Heartbreaker, where I post project updates and general design/writing articles, and a Facebook page, where you can contact me.

#GameCreditsWW – Rose Bailey – RPG Developer

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