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As the weather cools, I am closing down the garden and the yardwork comes to an end for the season. Extended breaks for the Holidays also come along. This means I can find some time to relax on the couch and tackle my To Be Read Pile. Here is what is on my current TBR. A collection of books I picked up at used books stores, a gift from my step-dad, and some ttrpg books I need to read for upcoming gaming. What is on your To Be Read Pile for the Holidays?

My to be read pile for the 2023 holidays including The Whole Ten Yards by Frank Gifford, Deadline by Alcorn, Marine by Clancy, Fighter Wing by Clancy, Amored CAV by Clancy, Dragonriders of Per by McCaffrey, Grunts by Gentle, Heroes and Fools by Weis and Kickman, G.I.Joe RPG Ferocious Fighters, and Traveller Core Rulebook Update 2022
What is your TBR Pile for the Holidays?

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