2021 - Vaccination Visions

I am positive I have NEVER been so excited to get two shots in my life. I normally have a mild fear of needles, even more so blood draws. Yet, I enthusiastically went to the hospital, ever-so-happily spoke to the nurses, and smiled as I received two shots three weeks apart. And I have taken my wife for her first shot as well, with just as much joy. My daughters are signed up to be vaccinated soon as well.

As I have written recently, managing this pandemic has been challenging for us, especially with Angie’s immunosuppressed status. We have been mostly at home for over a year now. I have been working half-days in the office, but Angie has been at home this entire time except for the occasional walk, time in our garage/gardens, or drives to pick up curbside groceries or take-out. We had a small reprieve over Christmas break, as our daughters quarantined then came home for two weeks. Otherwise we have been home, just the two of us for this past year. No church services. No family gatherings. No friends over. No game group nights. No visiting others in their homes. No birthday parties. No vacations. No shopping. No movies. No eating out. We have REALLY missed being with people.

But now, we are under FIVE weeks from being able to spend time in person with friends and family again (who have also been vaccinated). Our daughters will be able to come home whenever they want and we can feely hug them. In fact, SO MANY HUGS are going to be given out. This past year has made me appreciate friendships and family so much more and I am going to cherish those relationships. Love and grace will abound.

I am really looking forward to sitting around a table with friends and family. I am eager to return to the joy of conversations, sharing a meal, or playing games together. I can’t wait for random hugs from my daughters, cooking/baking together, and just sitting down to watch a movie or tv show as a family. My favorite groceries, second hand stores, and restaurants will feel new and fresh again as we return to our regular visits. What a joy it will be to once again being able to sit in church to worship as a body of believers then sit together afterwards and chat with friends. FIVE weeks and we can begin to reclaim some normalcy in our life.

What have you missed most during this pandemic? What are you looking forward to most?

Vaccination Visions

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