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Coming off a freelancing hiatus to join an amazing creative team like this has been quite an exhilarating experience. I joined the team less than two weeks ago, worked on the Quickstart already, and the Kickstarter went live on Wednesday of this week, funding within the first hour. Also, my first time listed on a Kickstarter as a part of the creative team. This has been a whirlwind, but so much fun.

Marc Langworthy of Red Scar Publishing has pulled together some amazing people that I am excited to work with, but I have to give a special shout out to three of them. First, I have to thank Marc Langworthy for this opportunity. We have worked together previously on some fun projects, so I feel very honored that he would seek me out to join his creative team for Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game. As a freelancer, it is so encouraging when your work is appreciated and publishers seek you out to join their creative teams for future projects.

Kimberly Nugent and I have not had the pleasure of working together before, but yet we hit it off quickly on our first video conference. We have similar professional passions and pet peeves when it comes to editing, which really encourages me for the intense work ahead of us. Editors are a breed of our own, so it is such a blessing when you find a kindred spirit who you are excited to work with.

Paco Jaen and I have been friends for a long time,but have never had an opportunity to work together. In the background, we were both approached to be a part of this creative team without knowing the other might be involved. We were surprised and thrilled when we learned we would get together on this incredible project.

Want to know more about the Creative Team? Here is the official information from the Kickstarter. Did I tell you how excited I am to be listed on my first Kickstarter Creative Team?!

Hellboy: The RPG Kickstarter Image of Creative Team

The Creative Team for Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game

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