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It has been 30 years since I graduated from Taylor University?! Wow! Taylor has been a huge part of my life.

  • I am the step-son of an alum.
  • I worked summers at Taylor University, even the year before I started classes.
  • I am an alum.
  • I married an alum.
  • My daughters are alums.
  • I worked at Taylor for 1 month shy of 25 years in IT.
  • I am still an occasional adjunct faculty.
  • I served at Taylor University long enough that I am classified as a Loyal Servant (similar to a retiree).
  • And I returned to Taylor on Monday and Tuesday as a recruiter for SIL Language Technology.

Here are some highlights of Taylor University Homecoming 2023 and my 30th Reunion.

Selfie of T.R. and Sammy Morris (statue)
The day started out with T.R. visiting his favorite celebrity alum!
Dr. Linsey, president of Taylor University, giving his State of the University presentation.
Angie and I really enjoyed the State of the University presentation by the President and his senior leadership team members. So many exciting things happening at Taylor, some of which I knew about and others this was the first time I had heard them. There are some choices I am not so sure about, like all the gray and blue-gray paint everywhere, but I am praying for Taylor’s future.
Taylor University Reunion Row lunch attendees of the 30th Reunion.
We had Reunion Row lunch in the Kesler Activities Center with a small group of our fellow 30th Reunion classmates. Always great to see my senior year roommate, Dan Perkins. Was especially nice to see Leslie and meet her husband, I have not seen either of them since we graduated.
Taylor University 30th Reunion Dinner.
We had a wonderful 30th Reunion dinner in the Helena art gallery. We got to catch up with Ellen and her family, another person we have not seen since graduation. We heard from Dr. Lindsey and his wife, our new campus pastor, a member of the TU board, and our student body president. What a lovely evening just to catch up on thirty years of life.
T.R. Knight and Dan Perkins being weird, as roommates do.
Dan Perkins was my senior year roommate. We ended the wonderful 30th reunion day being as goofy as we were as seniors in college. I love that guy.
Taylor University 30th Reunion?!

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