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As we have been flipping through our CDs and selecting CDs for our five disc player, I have been reflecting on the music that influenced me the most throughout my life. I thought I would share with you a similar series as I did on books that influenced me over the years. This week, we discuss the earworms of an early married life. What songs did Angie and I share in the early years of our life together?

Angie and I brought together our unique and shared music interests into a new marriage. While we each had some music styles that we individually preferred, we respected and encouraged one another’s musical interests, attended concerts together, and gained our own respect for other musical styles. Personally, my passion for Rush and King’s X continued to grow during this time as my friend from college, Jason and his wife, also moved near where we did after college. So, as our friendship grew our shared interest in music grew as well. Also, my step-dad and I continued to share music that we liked and attend concerts together. So much of the music of my college years continued to grow in interest.

Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins

My wife introduced me to the music and songwriting of Rich Mullins, and later to the man himself. You see, Angie and her family have a passion for Rich Mullins’ music and a personal attachment. Rich stayed in their home several times when he had concerts nearby. They got to know him personally along with loving his music, and even bought him shoes once (when he arrived in sad, worn out shoes that her parents decided could be updated for him before he performed a Sunday evening concert at their church). Angie and I went to many of his concerts and would speak with him afterward, so I came to really appreciate Rich’s music and was impacted by his ministry. We were introduced to other musicians through Rich, like Mitch McVicker, Farewell June, and This Train. Rich’s passing impacted Angie and her family greatly with Angie’s brother, Chris driving to Tennessee (and taking Angie along) to attend a special memorial service. While not normally my style of music, I have a deep appreciation of Rich’s music and ministry because of my wife.

Broadway Musicals

Le Miserables Playbill

As I said earlier, I was introduced Broadway Musical soundtracks back in high school but that love blossomed after meeting Angie. We found we had a shared love of Broadway Musicals and have deeped that love together attending touring musicals when we can and a glorious second honeymoon to New York City to see shows on Broadway! My wife’s favorite continues to be Les Misérables and we have seen in numerous times over the years. We shared that passion for Broadway Musicals with our daughters which you will see more of in my next posting about an older #AdultKnight.

Christmas Music

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My wife has a crazy passion for Christmas Music. For years of our marriage I pushed back and asked that no Christmas music be played until after Thanksgiving. Then I relented a little and said no Christmas music until first snow or Thanksgiving. And finally, in growing wisdom, I gave up my foolish rules and allowed her to start playing Christmas music each year when she felt the urge. Luckily, that has not been year round…yet. I often purchase her Christmas albums when I see them in garage sales, at Goodwill, or the rare brand new one I think she will really like. She has helped me appreciate the songs of the season!

That gives you look into the cassette and CD cases of the #AdultKnight’s listening habits that continue to influence me today. What music influenced you in your early adult years?

Check back next week to see if an older #AdultKnight has mellowed in his music habits at all.

What music influenced an early married life #AdultKnight?

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