Birthday 53

Tuesday was my 53rd birthday. While 53 is not a significant birthday, it is still a milestone and something to celebrate. Here are 53 random things that blessed me in the past year.

  1. Celebrating my 52nd birthday
  2. Pumpkin pie for my birthday (I like pie more than cake)
  3. Weekly Leadership Team Care Team
  4. Monthly strategic meetings with my team at work
  5. Building a new greenhouse for our garden
  6. Desserts & Dice
  7. Trip through the Great Smokey Mountains
  8. Hosting Thanksgiving at our home
  9. Hosting Lyons’ family 2022 New Thanksmas at our home
  10. Finishing puzzles
  11. Extended Christmas break and time with family
  12. Oubache Christmas Lights
  13. Marion Christmas Lights
  14. Game nights with friends
  15. SIL Leadership Pillars event
  16. Seeing Les Miserable with Angie and college friends
  17. Publishing our Knightlife newsletter
  18. Finally having trees large enough for a hammock in my yard
  19. Putting in the final wheelchair access raised garden beds
  20. Missional AI Conference
  21. My daughter, Rachel, earning her Master’s Degree
  22. Upland Farmer’s Market
  23. Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival
  24. Rachel and Sam’s wedding
  25. Canning Jams
  26. Harvesting winter garlic and making pesto
  27. Rachel accepting her first job and moving to Dayton, OH
  28. SIL Language Technology Leadership Team Retreat
  29. Pastoral counseling
  30. Having guests in our guest room
  31. Blackberry harvest
  32. Canning Peaches
  33. Assure Alliance Retreat
  34. Eating sun warmed tomatoes from the garden
  35. Robert joining SIL as our Talent Acquisition Manager
  36. Raspberry harvest
  37. The birth of Silas, our friends’ first child
  38. Canning dill pickles
  39. Grace Church Game Nights
  40. My first caregiver respite since COVID
  41. Trip to Cherokee, NC
  42. Paratext Summit
  43. Weekly Playstation games with my brothers-in-law
  44. Receiving my copy of Purim, the last board game I edited
  45. Planting sour cherry trees in our garden
  46. Incredible harvest from our garden this year
  47. Lunches with my step-dad who is working on a project in nearby town
  48. Stephen Ministry of our church
  49. Painting miniatures
  50. Ring of Fire solar eclipse
  51. Bible Translation Conference
  52. Blogging my musings
  53. Celebrating my 53rd birthday

Amazing how humbling it is when you take the time to list your blessings in the past year. This list was a wonderful birthday gift to myself. Have you ever made a list like this?

Happy 53rd Birthday

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