2020 - Side Project Wild Upland

During my work from home and social isolating for the pandemic, I have been using this time to teach myself new skills and try new things. I have always loved nature, and nature shows like Nature, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and Marty Stouffer’s Wild America were a big part of my childhood. So, when I was enjoying watching a squirrel in my backyard, I had this inspiration to narrate a video of what he was doing. Then I thought, this would be a great way to learn how to upload videos to YouTube and learn to manage a channel. So, the weekly online show Wild Upland was born. These videos are done on-the-fly and the narration is impromptu, so this also is challenging me to think on my feet.

Welcome to Wild Upland, brought to you by the Knight Family and supported by viewers like you. Thank you. For the first episode, we admire how squirrels ingeniously utilize their surroundings for storage.

In the second episode, we bask in the sunshine and relish a slow afternoon with a couple of turtles. (Also learned I like the word enjoy too much and am trying to conciously use other words.)

I already have two more videos ready and more I am trying to capture.

What new hobbies or projects have you picked up during the stay at home orders?

Side Project: Wild Upland

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3 thoughts on “Side Project: Wild Upland

  1. It has been so fun to be here to see these come together each episode… I’m proud of you! 😊

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