2020 - Adorning the Dark

Being creative in times of solitude brings me peace. Recently, I have been very introspective and seeking new outlets for creativity. So, when my wife recommended we read a book together from a writer, singer, and songwriter we both enjoy, I was intrigued. Andrew Peterson‘s music and his Wingfeather Saga capture our attention with their simplicity of words yet depth of meaning. Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making is a simple yet deep discussion of the intersection of faith and creativity.

Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making
Book by Andrew Peterson

Over the last twenty years, Andrew Peterson has performed thousands of concerts, published four novels, released ten albums, taught college and seminary classes on writing, founded a nonprofit ministry for Christians in the arts, and executive-produced a film—all in a belief that God calls us to proclaim the gospel and the coming kingdom using whatever gifts are at our disposal. He’s stumbled along the way, made mistake after mistake, and yet has continually encountered the grace of God through an encouraging family, a Christ-centered community of artists in the church, and the power of truth, beauty, and goodness in Scripture and the arts.

While there are many books about writing, none deal first-hand with the intersection of songwriting, storytelling, and vocation, along with nuts-and-bolts exploration of the great mystery of creativity.


My wife and I have enjoyed reading a section of this book every evening before bed then discussing it, sometimes for days. It has challenged my preconceptions about creative writing and encouraged my passion for storytelling even more.

What books about creativity, art, writing, or other creative pursuits do you recommend?

On My Shelf: Adorning the Dark

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