Isaac Asimov had a huge impact on me growing up. I vividly remember first reading I, Robot and then seeking out the Foundation series. I was in awe of the future worlds and technologies he vividly depicted. His books, along with Jules Verne’s and Doc E.E. Smith’s, set the cornerstone for my lifelong passion for science fiction literature and movies. Now I can’t wait to read books like The Martian and Ready Player One and see movies like Interstellar and The Force Awakens when they are released.

So, when I came upon the book Asimov On Science Fiction recently while perusing the shelves at the local Goodwill, I had to give it a read. Though this book has been around a while, it still has great insights into the mind of Asimov and the history of science fiction writing. Even if you have no urge to be a writer or game designer, this book is a fascinating look behind the scenes to the creative minds that have a impacted books, movies and television since.

He delves into discussions of the definition of Science Fiction and how it differs from SciFi. He concurs with others that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the first true science fiction novel and that Jules Verne was the first to make a career as a science fiction writer. There is an overview of the history of pulp and science fiction magazines, both his own and those created by others. He laments the watering down of science fiction at times when quantity of articles and books was higher priority than quality of creative writing. He discusses inspiration and how to get your start as a science fiction writer, while at the same time warning you of the difficulty and how few truly will succeed. Overall, he shares his passion for science, science fiction and writing to any who will read his words.

Whether you are a writer, game designer, or just passionate about Science Fiction, I highly recommend you seek out a copy of this book.

On My Shelf: Asimov On Science Fiction

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2 thoughts on “On My Shelf: Asimov On Science Fiction

  1. Interesting! I have put it on my list of books to find. BTW, have you read “Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot:to preserve by Mickey Zucker Reichert? Third in a series but a good stand alone read.

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