Welcome to an interview for the series Game Credits Who’s Who (#GameCreditsWW). Ever read the credits page of a game you enjoy and wonder about the various positions listed? Would you like to work in the game industry someday but are not sure how some of the positions work? This Monday series will take a personal look into those positions and introduce you to real people doing those very jobs in the game industry. This week, let me introduce you to Dim Martin, an RPG artist.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do as an RPG artist.

Alright! Befrore I start I’d like to point that I’m not in the industry for a long time.  Despite being born with a pencil and a brush, I had originaly headed to a different direction (medical) because living in Greece at the time of no internet and thinking of pursuing a career in illustration was a distant dream. Things gradually changed, my creative side was kicking me like an unborn child and on my first serious attempt, I won a national comics competition and an art college scholarship.

My first big RPG project was with Chris Birch and Modiphius. Acthung! Cthulhu was a blast and being a WW2 buff helped a lot. All those images were in my mind for years just waiting for the right time to come out. I had great fun working on the ambience pieces, concept art, miniatures, graphic novel panels, characters,  covers etc. I’m grateful I had the chance to work with Modiphius crew, Chris, Rita, Michal, Lynne etc and attend my first RPG convention in London.

I grew up in Athens, Greece during the epic 80s. Apart from drawing, I love playing football, cycling on my road bike and playing the electric guitar.

How did you become an RPG artist?

I wouldnt consider myself strictly an RPG artist because I do other things as well, comics, comic coloring, painting etc. But I’ve been an RPG player since high school and it was back then that I first drew RPG art for my team’s characters. A friend and story teller of our sessions had a real talent in writing inspiring texts, so our collaborations were actually my first RPG-related products.

I became more experienced working with Modiphius because my role was diverse, I had the chance to work on most aspects of the art from concept sketches to more detailed illustrations and covers.

Share with us some of your recent projects.

I’m actually working on the art for a comic story with a Lovecraftian touch set  around WW1 era. Also doing the colors for Delcourt’s Metropolis bande dessinee. On the RPG field, I will soon have new art for a Warbirds supplement, from Outrider Studios.

What is your greatest frustration or pet peeve as an RPG artist?

Its usually more fun than frustration but since I consider myself an artist that prefers simple and strong forms, the detail in the descriptions, the various items, weapons, vehicles can sometimes be overwhelming for someone whose art mind first visualizes mood, light/shadows and colors. 🙂  I prefer the more free, abstract landscapes better I think. Though it’s always fun to give birth to  a machine that only exists in the writer’s mind.

How can readers learn more about you or contact you?


You can follow my art or contact me at my primary art sites:



#GameCreditsWW – Dim Martin – RPG Artist

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