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While we are having this ongoing discussion on the blog about Gardening, I was pondering my favorite games that combine my passions for gardening and gaming.


Arboretum game cover

I planted three more montmorency cherry trees in my garden this spring. Fruit tree gardening requires patience and playing the long game, just like Arboretum. Fruit trees take years to mature before you can harvest large quantities of fruit. In this game, you have to patiently play your cards, watch the other cards being played, and slowly build toward your end goal. There is no instant gratification with each play, nor each tree planted, you have to savor the time from beginning to end.

Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden game cover

I was introduced to this game when I worked on it as an editor for Stronghold Games. I really enjoyed its puzzle-like gameplay, but what really grabbed my attention was the theme and aesthetic. I know my herbs, vegetables, and fruits the best, but I have been learning more and more about flowers, trees, and landscaping. I enjoy how the growing of the garden meshes with the puzzle mechanic. And who can forget the cute cats sleeping in the garden?!


Takenoko game cover

I am not growing any bamboo in my garden, but I do have places within it I enjoy sitting amongst the plants, the trees, and the animals. Enjoying the sounds and smells of the garden, I can enter quite a meditative state. While no pandas are coming along to each what I grow, I do struggle with rabbits and the occasional deer. This game is as beautiful as it is fun to play. And who doesn’t like little panda figures?


Trellis game cover

This year I am adding extra tall and wide trellises for growing peas and cucumbers. Throughout the year I will encourage my plants to grow and spread on the structure. Eventually, the plants will flower then vegetables will grow. Trellis, the game, is more abstract than my vegetable garden, but it is still a mental challenge or organizing your garden tiles so they work best together and grow your flowers.

Tussie Mussie

Tussie Mussie game cover

My wife and I have planted many different types of flowers around our garden. Many of these we make cuttings of for floral arrangements in our home and to give as gifts. Did you know the flowers you give to someone have a meaning behind them? Or do you just like mixing and matching the colors into beautiful arrangements? This tiny card game has simple rules but so much strategy, just like choosing the right flower to give someone.

What gardening themed games should I check out? What games make you think about your favorite hobbies?

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