2022 - new happy place

I have a new happy place in my garden/yard. I planted two sunset maple trees soon after we moved into our current house (just under 15 years ago), at a very specific distance apart with future plans for their use. This Labor Day Weekend, I determined the trees had grown enough girth to test if the time had come. As you can see, the time is now and I have a new place to relax, read, nap, or even swing in a sitting position to view my garden and firepit (it is far enough it is not a threat to the hammock). I thoroughly enjoyed myself resting in the hammock on Monday…listening to the birds singing, the brrrrrrrrr of a hummingbird at my feeder, the buzz of bees at my flowers, and the breeze rustling the leaves. The hammock provides a wonderful short respite from my cares and gets me back out in nature without being too far from my caregiving duties.

This has also been a wonderful lesson in patience, delayed gratification, and trust. I planted these trees not knowing for sure we would be living in this house over a decade later. I planted not knowing if they would grow to a proper height and girth to hold the hammock properly, with both trees remaining healthy. I planted not knowing if I would be able to enjoy a hammock when it was possible (my back injury could have changed that). And now I get to enjoy all those unknowns coming true. I have experienced this in the short term with berry plants and fruit trees, but this has been a much longer process to see come to fruition.

What have you started knowing that it could take years or decades before you will see the results?

Side note: My hammock also comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode.

T.R. sitting in a hammock fully enclosed.
My new happy place

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