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Gen Con 2020 starts next week, but I just don’t feel the energy for it as in past years. With the pandemic and Gen Con being online this year, I am struggling to build my excitement. Each year at Gen Con, I look forward the most to spending time with people. Friends I only see once a year, especially those that work in the game industry. Spending time with the fans as my daughters and I work a booth in the Exhibit Hall. My friends and family gaming and enjoying homemade snacks at The Tavern meetup on Saturday evening. And worshiping together on Sunday morning. Without that expected face-to-face time, the emotions and excitement just aren’t building as much for Gen Con this year.

That said, I am impressed with what Gen Con is doing online and plan to participate, looking forward to the sessions and events. I am also very curious to see how they make an online experience of the Exhibit Hall. My family enjoys wandering the Hall, shopping, meeting with friends, and finding new booths and random things we never expected.

The thing I am most excited about during Gen Con Online is the ENnie Awards on Friday evening, to celebrate with my students the Judges’ Spotlight Award that they won for their Call of Cthulhu scenario, Refractions of Glasston. We have submitted our acceptance video and have received the ENnie Award medals. Join us Friday night to celebrate with all the ENnie Award winners.

Are you going to attend Gen Con 2020 Online? If so, what are you looking forward to most at this virtual gaming convention?

My Interests At Gen Con Online 2020

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2 thoughts on “My Interests At Gen Con Online 2020

  1. Not doing the official GenCon this year. However, Samantha and I have declared our own Tom Con (Thomas Con). We will be playing games all day, go get food at someplace food-truckish if not an actual food truck, walk around and play Pokemon go and end the day with the biggest cinnamon roll we can find (we always stopped at Cinnabon in the mall before leaving)

    1. What a great idea! I really like how you are continuing traditions just in an alternate way. Emily and Rachel are moving to their apartments on Saturday so we have limited time available. But, we might have to do similar by grabbing some area takeouts similar to what we would pick up at Gen Con.

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