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Do you like playing games? Do you enjoy cooking? Do you like to occasionally have more than just soda pop and potato chips as snacks for game night? In this first volume of Gaming Gastronomy, Game industry personalities shared some of their favorite recipes for game night munchies. This has been a fascinating, food-loving seven months of recipes and insights. With Gen Con on the horizon and school starting back up, I am going to close this volume of the series. Thanks go out to everyone who participated in this inaugural volume.

Why did I run this blog series? For me, gaming is a social event. I enjoy sitting down with family and friends to play games. Food is also a social event for me. Having a counter full of snack foods or a table set for a meal, with friends and family socializing while they eat, is a wonderful experience. When I can do both at the same time, then I am at my happiest. Friends and family, enjoying food and playing games, fills a room with such wonderful emotions. The act of sharing two of my passions (food and gaming) warms my heart and brings a huge grin to my face.

Over the 2016 Christmas holiday, I was inspired with this idea as I enjoyed snacks while gaming with family. I reached out to some of my friends in the game industry to see if there was interest, and the responses were great. Here is a summary of Volume One of Gaming Gastronomy. Sometime in the future when I have the munchies again while gaming, I am sure I will get the urge to reach out to some game industry friends to seek out Volume Two.

Keep playing games and enjoying some food!


#GamingGastronomy – Volume One

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