2020 - Accessibility and COVID-19

As mentioned previously, with her Multiple Sclerosis medications, Angie is immunosuppressed. This means she has been at greater risk from COVID-19, which required a lot of sacrifice and work on our part to keep her healthy. We managed to make it to our vaccinations without either of us being infected. Angie, myself, and both are daughters were able to be fully vaccinated before their college graduation so we could all celebrate in person. Our daughters are now home, and are greatly enjoying face-to-face time with them…and all the hugs.

Now, to be honest, not all things are back to normal yet, but they are getting there slowly. Mask mandates are being lifted at work and in the community. Things are opening up again. And we are looking forward to inviting vaccinated friends and family over again. I am so looking forward to meals together, movie nights, and game days. The emotional and mental boost to restrictions being lifted for our family has really helped me physically as well. I don’t feel as worn down as I have for months. We are not planning any major trips nor convention attendance as of yet, but we are considering some weekend excursions and discussing what to do next year.

We are mostly focused on helping our daughters settle in at home and make plans for their new lives this fall. We are looking into housing around IU Bloomington and Southern Wells Community Schools, discussing future wedding plans, and pondering what life will be like with no children at home longer than a school year.

How are you holding up in the pandemic? Have you received your vaccination? If so, what are your plans going forward?

Accessibility and COVID-19 (final thoughts…for now)

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