This week brings the Game Credits Who’s Who (#GameCreditsWW) 2016 series to a close. When I started this series back in March, I was not sure how game professionals would respond or how you the readers would react. The response has been beyond my wildest expectations. Game professionals and personalities have been so open with their willingness to participate, and I have received wonderful feedback from you, the readers, on how much this series has helped you. Together we have learned so much more about the game industry, and I know from your messages to me that this has helped quite a few of you find opportunities to work in the game industry.

The game industry is made up of some of the most amazing, creative, and friendly people. My goal when I started was to introduce you to the people behind the scenes of your favorite games. This series has become so much more. This series introduced me to new friends, opened up freelance opportunities for myself and many readers, and helped many of my guests learn more about the industry and freelancing themselves. This series was both informative and opened up so many opportunities.

I am so thankful for the generosity of everyone who has participated in the series. I might return to this series in the future as the industry is growing so quickly, and so many new people are becoming involved. Might also be interesting to return to some of those I have already interviewed if they have had major changes in their careers occur since I interviewed them.

Here is the list of all the interviews from the Game Credits Who’s Who series:

  1. Lynne Hardy – Writer
  2. Bill Bricker – Tabletop Game Artist
  3. Stephen Buonocore – Tabletop Publisher
  4. Dim Martin – RPG Artist
  5. Alyssa Faden – Cartographer
  6. Lance Hill – Tabletop Game Designer
  7. Michal Cross – Graphic Designer
  8. Aldo Ghiozzi – Game Distribution Services
  9. David Miller – Maker Style Game Designer And Publisher
  10. Mischa Thomas – RPG Line Manager and Art Director
  11. Rodney Smith – Tabletop Game Video Tutorial Provider
  12. Brian Berg – RPG Publisher
  13. Scott King – Boardgame Photographer
  14. Chevee Dodd – Portal Games US
  15. Saying Goodbye To Steven D. Russell Of Rite Publishing
  16. Level3B – Game Accessory Provider
  17. Molly Wardlaw – Managing Director
  18. Marty And Tony Of Rolling Dice & Taking Names – Game Podcasters And Reviewers
  19. Greg Spence – CEO of The Broken Token
  20. T.R. Knight – Freelance Editor And Proofreader
  21. Mike Perna – President Of InnRoads Ministries
  22. Jon Lonngren – Co-Owner of Fallen Dominion Studios
  23. Russ Charles – Miniature Sculptor
  24. Rose Bailey – RPG Developer
  25. José Luis Porfírio – Game Translator
  26. Geoff, Brian, And Sydney Engelstein – Game Designing Family

If you have ideas for people I might interview in a future version of this series, please let me know.

Who’s Who of Game Credits (#GameCreditsWW) 2016 Overview

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