Just a quick update on some recent changes. Because of my increased workload in my role at Taylor University and other unexpected responsibilities, the Communication Department leadership and I decided to reschedule the new Technical Writing course to first be offered Spring 2021.

So what has me so overwhelmed that I am delaying the start of a new course I am so passionate about?

I have a new role and with increased responsibilities at the university. As of this January, the majority of the User Services team and the Keycard Services team were moved under my leadership. I am now the front face of Information Technology at Taylor University, overseeing all our service elements, leading the Academic Technology, User Services, and Keycard Services teams. My workload increased dramatically as I look to bring these three separate teams together, organize a very large group of student workers, rethink responsibilities, and resolve some issues that existed previous to my taking leadership. I have been working late in the office or putting extra hours in during the evenings almost every day since this transition occurred. I do not know how long it will take for me to resolve these issues and get this larger team working together effectively. Add to that, our CIO will be retiring this year. I assume I will be heavily involved in the on-boarding of a new CIO at the university. I have not had time recently to even think, let alone prepare, for this new course and with the new CIO coming, I don’t see the time appearing soon.

Adding to that significantly increased workload, I have some travel I will be doing this fall for family obligations, which would take me away from my class this fall. With all that together, the Communication department leadership and I agreed I am overtaxed and for the proper development of this course and success in teaching it, we will delay it until Spring 2021. I am still very excited to teach the course, and now I can give it the proper time it deserves to be an amazing course for our students.

Even with the delay, I am continuing to look for great examples for the course if you have any you want to share.

Technical Writing Course: Rescheduled for Spring 2021

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