We all experience technical writing in our daily our lives… memos at work, cover letters, documentation, instruction manuals, tax forms, infographics, and more. Even our hobby is full of technical writing with the rulebooks for games, many aspects of rpgs, and assembly instructions for our shelves and inserts. As I continue to prepare for the Technical Writing course I will be teaching this fall, I could use examples to share with my students. I am looking for THE BEST and THE WORST examples of technical writing. Help me crowd source some great examples for my new course.

I am looking for

  • articles of interest regarding technical writing
  • digital documents you can share with me or point me to a place I can download them
  • products that I might want to acquire for their instructions
  • game rulebooks that I might want to download from BGG
  • websites that provide technical communication
  • videos that can share technical writing (informative and humorous are both acceptable)

Feel free to post in the comments below or send me a message directly via email or social media. Thanks for any suggestions you can provide. Once I compile them, I will share in a future post some of the most fun examples for you to enjoy.

As a teaser, here is a cool thing parents and teachers are doing called the Exact Instructions Challenge, which is a wonderful example of what poor technical writing can cause. Very funny.

Technical Writing Course: Examples Good and Bad

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