Wednesday, March the 4th, of this week was International GM’s Day.

“GM’s Day was born on EN World in December 2002.  Originally a simple messageboard post by EN World member Spunkrat, the idea quickly gained popularity, championed by Mark Clover of Creative Mountain Games and, of course, EN World itself.

GM’s Day is an annual day to show your GM (or DM, or Storyteller, or Referee) how much you appreciate them.”

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My first experience with roleplaying games was in Junior High School, over 30 years ago, playing Villains & Vigilantes. Little did I know then that would lead to a lifelong hobby in gaming and now a life as a freelancer working on the games that I love. I have spent the majority of my gaming behind the Gamemaster Screen as the GM myself, but I have played as well under some great storytellers. Their insights and inspirations continue to make me a better storyteller of my own adventures and campaigns. I want to thank the incredible GMs in my life who have had such an impact on my hobby: Jeff, Kevin, Jesse, Tom, Chuck, Steve, Nato, Squirrel, Ed, Scott, Ted, Dan, Justin, and Mark. I have such incredible memories of the stories they spun, the characters they helped me grow, the heroic triumphs, the tragic failures, and the leadership they provided. GMs are more than just storytellers. They are our friends, our mentors, and our fellow adventurers along the gaming paths.

GMing over the Holidays

Gaming has meant more to me than just a hobby. Being a GM myself has taught me so many things, and I feel it has made me a better person. A recent article on Lifehacker even discusses The Surprising Benefits of Role-Playing Games (and How to Get Started). Personally, GMing has developed my creativity, increased my comfort level with public speaking, taught me to improvise, furthered my vocabulary, strengthened my organizational skills, and introduced me to so many amazing people around the world. I also want to thank all the players who have allowed me to spin tales of adventure for them. Without you, I could not have been a GM, learned all these things, grown to the person I am today, and become the freelancer I am today.

Thanks to all the GM’s out there and the players who game with them. You make this roleplaying hobby great.

I am sure you have fond memories of your own GMs over the years. Feel free to thank them in the comments and even share some memorable times in your games.

Special Thanks To My GM’s And Players – International GM’s Day

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