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Exciting to share that Language Technology at SIL, where I work, was honored to receive the Excelerate Award at the 2022 Missio Nexus conference. This award is presented annually to a member organization in celebration of excellence, innovation, and partnership.

Missio Nexus Excelerate Award

Three of our software tools received special recognition:

  • BloomLearning to read takes books. Learning to read well, and developing a love of reading, takes lots of books. Books at all different skill levels. But how are low-literacy language communities ever to get all those books in their language? They can do it with Bloom.
  • KeymanMakes it possible for you to type in over 1,000 languages on Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, and even instantly in your web browser. Keyboards for specific languages can be found on the Keyman site and on
  • Scripture App BuilderHelps you build customized Scripture apps for Android smartphones and tablets. You specify the Scripture files to use, the app name, the fonts, the colors, the audio and the icon. Scripture App Builder will package everything together and build the app for you.

SIL Language Technology was so honored and blessed to receive this award recognizing the impact of the work that we do.

SIL Language Technology Wins Excelerate Award

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