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The first week in May, my wife and I headed for Duncanville, TX (just south of Dallas) so I could attend the biannual SIL Language Technology Conference. This was the first time, since I started serving with SIL back in August 2021, that I was able to meet members of my team in person as I and the majority all work remotely. So different seeing people in 3D rather than just a flat image on a computer screen. What an amazing week! I wish I could sit with you to share what all I learned at the event, the friendships I built, and the emotions of the experience. Because of some privacy concerns of individuals and internal organizational conversations, I cannot share a lot of details here on my blog. For now, let me share some highlights.

The theme for this event was Working in Unity (Exodus 31:2-6, 1 Corinthians 3:5-10). Being together, after being apart for so long with the pandemic, was very emotional and important to many of us. This was a time to come back together, focus on our relationships with each other personally and professionally, and to have serious conversations about our projects and ministries.

The Keynote/Devotionals were done by Rocky Tyler of Difficult Dialogues Consulting. He focused on relationship building, communication, and conflict competence…all very useful topics.

My favorite quotes from the week:

  • “Synergy isn’t about the task, it is about the together.”
  • “Work always flows from relationship.”
  • “You are not a mature project until you have technical debt.”
  • “Self licking ice cream cone.”

Here are pictures I can share so you can experience some of the event.

If you want to hear more about the conference, then let’s get together in person or online to chat!

SIL Language Technology Conference 2022

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