2019 - Wheelchair Charioteer

So what is a Wheelchair Charioteer? It is someone with such great heart they willingly offer themselves as a guide and servant to a friend or family member in a wheelchair who desires to enjoy a convention or event. Though many events assist with making their locations more accessible, it can still be very challenging for someone in a wheelchair (manual or powered), and thus having someone along to assist is a great blessing. I see this most often at tabletop gaming and geek conventions, but occasionally professional conventions also. How do I know this so well, and why do I notice? I, personally, am a Wheelchair Charioteer and want to show my appreciation to others like me. So check out my new project at http://www.wheelchaircharioteer.com.

Angie and I with Wheelchair at Gen Con 2019
Side Project: Wheelchair Charioteer

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