2019 - GSP 200th Episode

This week the 200th episode of the Game Store Prophets podcast went live. GSP is a podcast hosted by InnRoads Ministries. I first started following GSP back in early 2015, having no idea then the impact it would have on my life. I got to know the host of GSP, Mike Perna, online and started talking with him which built up a friendship. This friendship led to our first, and currently only, face-to-face meeting at Gen Con 2015, where he interviewed me for the podcast. That interview led to me becoming a regular listener which led to more involvement in the future.

August 2015 – Gen Con 2015 Interview – Internet People Are Real Tour
My comment on that episode back then. “It was great to finally put a face to a name and have some time to talk together. I look forward to meeting up with you again hopefully in the near future. Now I just have to remember to relax and slow down my speech when being interviewed. By Sunday morning at Gen Con, I was really tired after working the booth all week and experiencing Gen Con to the fullest with my daughters. Add to that being a bit nervous to be interviewed for a podcast and I was rapid fire talking. That said, I really enjoyed talking to you and sharing with your listeners.”

January 2018 – First guest hosting on GSP
Over the holidays in 2017, as a gift to Mike Perna for the birth of his new son, I offered to step into a host chair on the podcast temporarily so he could spend quality time with his wife and newborn. I guest hosted for four episodes in early 2018.

August 2018 – Began as a permanent host of GSP
In July of 2018, because of some life challenges, Mike Perna needed to take an extended leave from the podcast. Jeff Romo and Daniel Fisher approached me at that time, asking me to return to GSP and take on a more permanent role as a host, which I accepted after a lot of thought and prayer. I have been a host on the podcast since.

I have really enjoyed these biweekly podcast recordings, as they provide me time to talk and pray with two guys who I have really become close to, Jeff Romo and Daniel Fisher, my co-hosts. I enjoy these conversations so much, that I am saddened and frustrated when I have to miss an episode recording for health reasons or time conflicts. I am still the new guy on the show after a year, but feel I am starting to get the hang of it. I realize I need to slow down my speech some and learn when and when not to interrupt. Thank you all for your patience as I learn what it is to be a good podcast host.

The 200th Episode was a wonderful and emotional experience. Mike Perna returned for that episode to join in the discussions and to share with us the history of Game Store Prophets. Sprinkled throughout the episode we added audio clips from fans of the podcast. I didn’t hear those until the podcast was officially posted online for all to hear. I normally do not listen to the podcasts after we record, as it feels weird to listen to my own voice talking after the fact. But I wanted to hear the clips, and I was so blessed. To hear the impact this podcast has had over the years, and to realize I am now a part of that history and ministry, was so emotional.

I want to personally say thank you to all the listeners of Game Store Prophets, with a special shout out to those who submitted an audio clip for the 200th Episode. Listening to your words about how GSP has impacted you, your history with GSP, and congratulatory thoughts was so uplifting and emotional. You are such wonderful fans, and I am blessed with how you have accepted me into the fold as a new host. Your words encourage me to keep improving as a host and invest even more into our InnRoads community. Thank you.

If you did not have an opportunity or interest to supply an audio clip about how Game Store Prophets has impacted you, but still want to make some comments, feel free to leave them below and I will share them with my co-hosts. If you have encouragements or suggestions for me as a podcast host, I would love to hear them as well. I want to continue to improve in my role as a host on the show.

Honored By The Game Store Prophets Podcast 200th Episode

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