2020 - Side Project Hobby Room

Remember back in November when I mentioned I had to pack up my entire tabletop and rpg game collection in preparation for remodeling our home to be more accessible? No, well, you can go back and read about that if you like. What you need to know now is that happened. My garage was full of boxes, gaming bags, and bins full of tabletop games, rpgs, and gaming accessories along with our furniture, library, and other odds and ends from two-thirds of our home that was dismantled for new flooring to be installed.

With that decision, we chose to cull our tabletop games, rpgs, musical items, and crafts down to fit within the new hobby room space. That required a lot of sorting, discussing, and mulling over what to keep and what to remove. What games and crafts would we really have time to enjoy now and in the future with our new health and caregiving requirements? In the end, we pared down to one bookcase of rpgs and one bookcase plus a small set of drawers (for small boxes) of tabletop games. That required culling nearly two hundred tabletop games and rpg books. Once removed from our collection, we gave away a lot of games and books, donated to the library, and sold many also.

These photos show you our new hobby room and what survived the great culling. There are a couple of games loaned out to friends and still some wall decorating to do, but the room is ready for use. Here is a tour entering the door then going from right to left around the room.

Hobby Room Games

Hobby Room Tabletop Games Bookcase
Hobby Room Desk
Hobby Room RPGs Bookcase

If you want to know more about anything in the hobby room, just ask.

Where do you store your games and other hobbies? Do you have shelves about the house, room in the basement, a den, or possibly a dedicated game room?

Side Project: New Hobby Room

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