Welcome to 2020. After another nice holiday break with my daughters at home, I am back in the office at work. I cherish the time spent with my daughters home, as it won’t be long before they are moving out on their own. Amazing to think they are finishing up their junior year at Taylor University and preparing for their senior year, which includes student teaching. Things are not slowing down in our home any time soon.

Last year at this time, I was resolving to seek greater peace in my life. This past year, especially this fall and early winter, were not peaceful for myself or my family. With all the transitions in our lives and my back surgery and ongoing recovery, I find I am having to manage a lot of mental and emotional strain. Simplicity, patience, and peace are great things to strive for, but I am beginning to realize that what I need to do is be more content with the blessings I already have. I can resolve all I want to change, but many of these recent challenges have been out of my control. How I respond to these changes I can manage with the help of my family, my friends, and my faith. With so many unknowns still ahead at work and with my freelancing, I need to focus on being content in the moment and seeking what is best for my family.

What do I know is coming in 2020…

I will not be teaching any of my gaming-related courses this year, but instead I have a proposal into the university to develop and teach a course in Technical Writing. If that is approved, I will be spending the spring and summer preparing the course to teach in the Fall semester. My next gaming-related course is scheduled for spring of 2021.

As for my freelancing and Gen Con 2020, those are unknowns at this time. I am taking a break from freelancing for a bit to determine what I want to do next after six years of editing and proofreading. I have a project I am doing for a friend but not sure what I will do next. Gen Con will be dependent on how my back recovery progresses. We hope to attend Gen Con again this year, even if in a reduced capacity. My daughters likely will work a booth for someone, but I might take a year off from working Gen Con and instead enjoy it this year as an attendee only.

Recovery from my back surgery is ongoing and will continue to impact my activities for a while. My wife and I continue to learn new routines for caregiving that work within my limitations. We also are still unpacking from having to move everything out of most of the house to do the handicap accessibility remodeling. Week by week my health is improving and my capabilities increasing so, we will expand our activities as the year progresses.

What are you looking for in the New Year?

Resolutions for 2020

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