Back in January, I listed three resolutions that would impact my effectiveness and enjoyment of freelancing. I have been working on each of them throughout the year. Many of you have asked how my resolutions are coming along. Today, I am ready to reveal the first of these “simple forms” that I stated in my Resolutions for 2015.

Rearrange my home office – My current home office is cluttered and a bit cramped. I have some ideas for rearranging the furniture and my computer that could make the space more effective for my freelance work. I often have multiple documents open online and numerous books I am referencing as well, so I need more clean, flat space. Sounds like I will be looking into some possible shelving or cabinets to clean up the desktop.

As I worked on my home office this year, trying various shelving and storage options, I came to realize none of them were going to work. My small desk was the issue. It just didn’t offer the workspace I needed for proofreading and editing. I needed way more space to spread out reference books and notes and to have a dual monitor setup. I started watching surplus sales, flea markets, rummages and Craigslist hoping for a full-size desk rather than my letter desk. Luck favored me about a month ago when the University I work for in my day job had a surplus furniture sale. I picked up a wooden desk that needed some significant cleaning and repair work. I spent a couple weekends cleaning and repairing the desk in my garage before getting help to move the unexpectedly heavy desk into the house.

My newly built and decorated home office (close up pictures below).

With the refurbished desk and some serious determination, I began the long process of rebuilding a new home office. I wish I had thought to take pictures of the previous desk and its  cozy little and messy corner, but I was already halfway through tearing it apart when I realized I had not. One of my daughters has now claimed my original smaller desk for her room. My new home office is much more spacious with plenty of work space for reference materials and snacks, increasing my effectiveness. I also spent a lot of time updating the wall decorations and mementos on my desk to make the space enjoyable to work in.

What is your work space like for freelance work? Do you have a home office for writing, editing and layout? A studio for art work? A favorite chair you curl up in with your laptop or sketchpad to work? Feel free to share pictures of your freelancing work space. I would be very curious to see what makes you effective and helps you enjoy your freelancing.

For those interested in close ups of some of the decorations…

Resolutions for 2015 – The New Home Office

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